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With over 25+ features, SpyMobile delivers information no other spy app for Android & iPhone can — including monitoring all forms of messaging, such as GPS, SMS, Call and popular IM chat applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat.

SpyRen: Free Mobile Phone Spy App

Note: SpyRen App will be replaced by FreePhoneSpy – Mobile Spy Free (New Version, More Features and Total FREE). You can visit freephonespy.net to know more information.

Download FreePhoneSpy at https://freephonespy.net/install-free-phone-spy/

SpyRen – Free Phone Spy is the highest technology mobile monitoring software. Parents, employees, and spouse can install the application very easily and directly on the Smartphone’s. Make sure that you have proper consent to monitor. Once you have installed the application on your smart phone.

SpyRen: Free Mobile Phone Spy App
SpyRen: Free Mobile Phone Spy App

You can spy all the activities such as SMS, calls, URL information it also provides you with the location when the GPS signal is on. You do not need to worry about as you can view the activity of the target person after installation on the target person. You don’t have to go near to the target person to view the activity you can get all the details of on your phone. Make sure that you have internet connection

It’s one of the best free mobile spy applications that can do wonders when you’re in need, and the good news is it is 100% legal. It has been in the market for 5 years, with more than 5000 android users and 1000 iPhone users. The SpyRen app has 96% satisfied customers i.e., amongst the first-time users 96% of them did not want to switch to any other mobile spying application.

This software can be put to good use to track down the activities of the children by a parent, a doubtful spouse satisfying her need to keep a check on the partner or an employer to see in real-time what his employees’ activities are. A mobile phone can be transformed into a high-end surveillance device with some trustworthy specifications, to begin with. One can integrate the spying software on the suspect’s phone without getting a chance to be detected.



Why should you use the Application

Well, the SpyRen software has significant advantages to it and can be leveraged to remove any kind of doubt or misleads about your spouse, children, or employees.


The internet has made anything and everything readily available just at a thumb’s click. Parents can keep a check on the activities of their minor’s smartphones with the help of this software. It might just give the parents the right amount of parental control and keep their children from falling prey to illicit content on the web.


A spouse can also use this application to clear their doubts about their partner’s whereabouts. This application can also help to locate the partner to give a clear idea about their safety. People who frequently travel or do night shifts can easily be a reason of concern to their family. This application helps to relieve them of their worries. It can also be seen as a loyal trust-building tool.


Companies dealing with sensitive information often use this application to make sure their employees follow the code of confidentiality. An employees’ location and performance can easily be monitored through this.

The Method to use this Spying Application

The Method to use this Spying Application
The Method to use this Spying Application

There are 3 simple steps to follow to put this application into use in your daily life:

Step 1: Download and Install SpyRen App

The application needs to be installed on your target phones. Available on the SpyRen website, it is compatible with both android and iPhone users. You can either install it on your mobile or your tab.


Step 2: You have to Register/Login

After you’ve successfully installed the application on your phone, you need to register as a new user on the Client App. Fill in all the details required to complete the registration. All the information provided by you remains confidential. After this, you will be able to track calls, messages, social media, or any kind of activity on the target phone.

Steps: Login to Live Control Panel

Once you have registered, you can easily log in to this application and access the control panel. The control panel shows you the data that has been tracked. The application provides you with an extensive dashboard by which you can control everything. A live demo of the dashboard is available on the website of the application.


What are the features of this application

The application has a variety of features:

Track Phone Location

You can know the location of the device and the victim, through the fantastic GPS tracker. So need not to worry about the whereabouts of your loved ones, as you can easily track their location and can reach to them in case of any emergency.

Message Spy

All the multimedia and text messages of the device can be read at once through this app. Even the messages which have been deleted from the targeted device can be read without the acknowledgment of the victim.

Spy Call

You get the facility of recording all the calls that are made or received through the targeted device. Also, you will be availed with all the necessary details like, call duration and the conversation of real time.

Check on the contacts

All the contacts which are being saved on the device can also be known easily. Even the activities and events of the calendar are made available to the user. If the victim has made any changes in the contact list, you will be notified immediately.

Social Media Spy

The application can be used to get all the messages which have been sent or received on these instant messengers like WhatsApp, hike, Facebook, Snapchat and much more. You can supervise all the activities of these messengers and can know about the real happenings.

Live Call Recording

It can be something very interesting where you can hear all the surrounding sounds of the targeted phone. This means you can come to know about all the other talking which has been done in the place.

Notifications and alerts

In case if the number of the Sim card gets change then you don’t need to worry as SpyRen app will immediately message you the new Sim card number.


That means you can do whatever you want without the fear of getting caught. The user after installing it on the targeted device can go for the hide option which disables the victim its presence.


Here are a few reasons why you should be using this application

  • Parental Control: This is one of the best software that lets you have parental control over your children and ensure that they are not exposed to the evils of the internet. If you have kids or you know someone who requires to have control over their kids, this software can be an ideal suggestion.
  • Free Award-Winning Application: Most of the other spying applications are either fake or not free. This application is recognized by authorities for its flawless data collection and tracking and has been in service for many years. Another feature of this application is that it’s free, and there have to be no purchases made.
  • Undetectable: This is one of the best features of this application. It cannot be detected, and your target will never know if they are being spied on. This gives the space of easy spying on your target.
  • Various Devices Can Be Monitored: The application is compatible with both Android mobile and tablets as well as iPhone and iPad.
  • Can Be Installed Easily: This application is user-friendly and can be downloaded and installed in no time. The procedure is so simple. The app downloaded from the website can be installed with just one click.
  • Easy To Use: Files can be easily retrieved like music, images, videos, and recordings from the target device. It saves time in the process too.
  • Substantial Dashboard: This application comes with a comprehensive panel with many features. The dashboard is easily accessible, and you can check the live demo available on the website.
  • Privacy Policy: The strict privacy policy of the application is commendable. It keeps the information of all the users confidential, and there’s no chance of leaking any information.
  • No Illegal Activities: Before you sign up for the application, it gives you a set of rules and regulations which prevent the misuse of personal information and makes sure it’s used o everyone’s best interest. However, you cannot install this application on the target’s phone without their consent to it.
  • Customer Support: This application offers well-networked customer support through its website. The executives need to e-mail your concerns to get them solved.
  • Client Satisfaction: This application works towards the goal of 100% satisfaction with its customers. With a user-friendly design and the best of features, it has gained itself 96% of satisfied customers.
  • Trustworthy: This application has been in the market for more than five years and has provided service to over 5000 android users and 1000 iPhone users. Its long lifetime in the market renders it trustworthy and genuine amongst its customers.

These right here are all the reasons you should be trusting the SpyRen app other than just anty spying software. It’s easy, free, trustworthy, and worth your time.


Can a phone be hacked with the help of the number only

If you are aware of the right tools, you can try hacking a phone, only with the number. If you follow the technical method, you have to know a lot, yes I mean a lot. You have to know the IMEI number or jailbreaking of devices or first rooting. But, for this, you have to have physical access to the device. When you do not have physical access, you have to use a customized spy app. These apps are just perfect for smartphones, and only a number is all that you need. When you use any monitoring app, you should use a good spy app, with powerful features. It should also have good reviews and should come with no trust issues.

Can you hack both Android and iOS, only with the help of the numbers

If you want to hack a phone, only with the help of a number, it is possible only with iOS devices. Only you should be aware of the iCloud credentials of the phone. The app can then sync all the data stored on the phone, and show them to you. For this, any kind of installation is not required. In the case of Android devices, to date, no app can hack them from a remote location. You must have physical access to the device, at least once, to install the app. If someone promises you with an app that claims to have the capacity of remotely hacking an Android device, it is a fraudulent software. You are sure of its false claims.

Should you ever try to reset the passcode

Never, you should attempt to reset the passcode of the device. This is indeed a very common mistake. Whenever this is attempted, all data on the phone will be deleted. The phone is no more of any use now, and you will not be capable of tracking any messages or information. It is better to use just a spy app for this purpose.

How do you hack a phone

If at all you want to hack a phone, it is always better to look for a reputed, secure, and trusted phone-monitoring app. The user-friendly platform and reliability should be some of the salient features which you should be keeping in mind. Feature-rich spying software is always a good choice to target phone, from remote locations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

SpyRen is close to be the best parental control app available worldwide, which is especially designed for guardians and parents to monitor their kids online activities and control them before they become the victims of online harassment.

Mariana Lima


This phone spy has all the features you'd expect it to have. It's also easy to use.

George Phan

Verified Customer

Thanks to SpyRen can have total supervision of my son. I know where he is and at what time thanks to the GPS tracking feature, I believe that every responsible parent should use this application.

Jon Pata


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