2 Ways to Turn Phone into Spy Camera (with Tutorial)

2 Ways to Turn Phone into Spy Camera (with Tutorial)
2 Ways to Turn Phone into Spy Camera (with Tutorial)

Learn 2 ways to turn an phone into a spy camera

So you are in search of the techniques by which you can easily perform spying operation using the android phone. Here we will discuss all about that essentially must known before you go for spying activity. Two ways are there for doing spying one is manually and the other one is using spyware.

Learn 2 ways to turn an phone into a spy camera
Learn 2 ways to turn an phone into a spy camera

If you have suspected something very much strange, keeping the eye will become a lot difficult. As you have your job to do, look after the house and so on. So for you, there are many apps designed that will do the work for you and here we are discussing about 2 of them. In this article, you will learn about how to convert your device into a spy camera.

Way 1: Turn the phone into spy camera through SpyRen

SpyRen is popular spyware that helps you to monitor the activities of children, spouse and of course employees. This cell phone spy tool is working in a hidden mode into the target phone and is monitoring all activities like text messages, GPS location, calendar history, emails, call history, calendar history, etc. The app is user-friendly and you can easily create the personal SpyRen user account by simply following easy to follow steps.

Features of the app

Phone call recording

This app enables one in listening to the outgoing/incoming calls on the intended phone. The app is doing the recording of the conversation held into the phone and sends the recorded file to the web account so that you can listen to it later on.

Ambient noise recording

This is another amazing feature that is offered by SpyRen. This application permits one to listen to all that is happening to the surrounding. All that you require is to hit on start or send SMS command to allow this feature to get turned on. The target person will be remaining unaware of the matter that continually all that is happening in his/her surroundings including his/her voice is being recorded.

Location tracking

You can’t be with your employee, spouse or children for all time. The application feature provides its user to track the real-time location. Just install the app into the target phone and you will come to know about the target person movement throughout the day.

Text messages reading

Text messages today have become the best way of communicating with others. These text messages can be deleted easily. Once you have positioned the app into the target person’s phone you will easily be able to know about messages of the targeted phone. Additionally, you will be having access to the deleted messages. Whether it is normal texting or IM app chats you can easily read those with full accuracy.

Monitoring internet history

You must also keep an eye on the internet activities of the intended person. You must be aware of the type of website they head into. You will know the browsing history. Even the blocking of the website is possible that you feel is not ideal.

Access to the media files

The app will provide its user the access to the multimedia files of the intended phone. Thus you will come to know the type of videos, audios, GIFs and screenshot it is containing.

How to use it

To use SpyRen you must download the app from its original website (https://spyren.com/install-spyren-phone-spy/) into the phone you want to spy. The installation requires manual touch to the Smartphone. The downloading and installation process is quite easy and it just requires a few minutes. Once the app is downloaded on an intended phone you must go through the wizard installation. Now you have to create a user account through which you will get access to the spy camera. But make sure that both the devices are having proper internet connections.

Way 2: You can use Alfred

Using Alfred is a lot convenient. Install and activate it into the device that you wish to roll into the spy camera. Start doing the monitoring of the other phone using it. Alfred is having its own browser interface that is companionable with Firefox and Chrome. In order to access it, you must register using email and install it into the device that you want to roll into a spy camera. Now sign to the account within the tool and select the camera option for doing the monitoring.

The end

Finally, you have come to know about the best 2 ways to turn the device into a spy camera. Now coming to choosing the best one, surely you can go ahead with SpyRen as it is carrying plenty of features to use and enjoy spying.



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