Learn 5 Best Real Time Location Tracking Apps

It will be foolishness to put the effort into proving that the mobile phone has become a need of everyone. Today people are appreciating the amazing mobile apps developed including the spy apps as well. However those people not aware of these apps are considering it bad to use the app but those are well aware of it consider it the best option and a perfect solution to various troubles.

Learn 5 Best Real Time Location Tracking Apps
Learn 5 Best Real Time Location Tracking Apps

A real-time location monitoring tool allows you to know where the people go. With access of such tools, you will be able to share the location details with the dearest and nearest one. Also, you can do the monitoring of their location movements without informing them.

Let us look at the top 5 real time location tracking tool that will help you lot in tracking location.



SpyRen has become an ultimate real time tracking tool for android. The app is having a remarkable quality that can be used in an effective way of getting the desired outcome. The app is used by many worried parents that would like to understand about the location presence of their kids and ensure whether they are at the right place or not. Also, it can track every type of information on an intended phone. Let’s look at what SpyRen can do for you.

  • Live location tracking With this app a user can track the live location of the person/phone. You will get complete details of the target’s whereabouts.
  • Access to various social networking sites- The tool allows you in getting full access to various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc to the behavior of them over there.
  • Access to various IM apps- The software allows you in reading the chat held onto various leading IM apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc. Also, the user can see and download the attachments.
  • Call spyingComplete call history can be tracked when using SpyRen. Every call details, types of call, contacts engaged will be known.
  • Media files tracking- Media files like videos, GIFs, screenshots, images, photos, recordings, audios, etc are easily tracked and a hacker can also download those if needed.
  • Internet history tracking- The sites that target visits, content that is downloaded, etc is easily viewable.

Steps to use SpyRen for real time location tracking

Creating a user account

At first, a user has to set up a user account on SpyRen. To do that you must step into the app official website https://spyren.com/install-spyren-phone-spy/. Once done you must fill the username and password for setting up an account. Also, you need to provide the details of the target to track.

Install the program

Now you need to download the program onto the target person device. But make sure that you enable the option of an unknown source option. This will help you in providing the app place into the intended phone easily. Now login to the Spyren and start doing the monitoring.

Track the real-time location

Now from the application online dashboard, you can do the monitoring of the location remotely.

Why this app is recommended

Free of the virus- The application is free to malware and viruses. So if a user uses the app for tracking, the device won’t get any harm. In fact, the functionality of the smartphone won’t get any bad effects.

Companionable app- SpyRen is showing greater companionability with the leading operating system like iOS and android thus making it good to use the app. A user need not have to search for another tool for tracking various OS.

Untraceable app- The app works in a hidden mode and a target will always fail to discover it installed into his or her device.



This is another ideal solution for tracking the real-time location of anybody. With the use of this tool, it is possible for one to share and monitor the location. The app easily works on iOS and android platforms. It is having both paid versions as well as the free versions. As it is having a user-friendly interface, using it will be a lot easier.



TheTruthSpy app is another real time location tracking tool and also has become an ideal selection for parents and spouses to stay informed about the location movements of their respective target. This tool will let one know which places the kids or spouse has headed into. This app is showing greater companionability with android and iPhone.


mSpy is another one that is listed here and it is also used by many users for tracking the location movements of the target person. Today this app is used by many users from all across the globe. This app is the combination of various spying features that are making it a complete cell phone tracking solution. It works well on android and iPhone all launched versions to date. In fact to make use of this app you need not have to undergo device jailbreaking or rooting. It is a powerful tool and is having many strong features like Geo-fencing etc.


Lastly, FlexiSpy is another best real time location tracking app that easily tracks the live location of anybody. It is having wonderful and strong features that will provide the user with full access to every activity that the target person conducts. As it is providing innovative tracking capabilities, its demands have got increased in the global market among various users for various reasons. Additionally, it is having a live call interception feature and it is supporting 24 hours of support from the best technical support team. It easily reveals all data that is erased from the target person’s device.

The end

Now you have learned about the best apps that you can use for tracking the real-time location of the target person. So get the one and start using it for your reasons and stay peaceful and happier always. If you are not able to make the decision regarding which one to choose, surely you can get access to SpyRen as it is listed on the top and having all cell phone tracking features that it compulsorily should have to offer. You can surely trust it for getting a better outcome.



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