Ambient Voice Recording

Ambient Voice Recording: Listening To All Voice Surrounding

The spy tool, along with all its promising features, also harbors the ambient listening feature that lets the user call on the target phone and listen to the surrounding noises. The SpyRen helps the user to listen to ambient listening, voice recordings, and all call recordings. It can be quickly done by clicking on the ambient recording feature.

Ambient Voice Recording: Listening To All Voice Surrounding
Ambient Voice Recording: Listening To All Voice Surrounding

This assists the user to listen to the noise without the suspect doubting about it. A hacker can easily listen to the noise from anywhere at any time. The noises can be recorded without any need for any physical access to the target’s phone.

All the recordings can be saved on the computer or the android phone without any suspicion of the target as it always remains hidden. It takes only a few minutes to record all the surrounding sounds if the call duration for the ambient voice recording is set. It helps to listen to the target voice along with any noise from his/her surroundings.

How to use the Ambient Voice Recording via SpyRen

This is a spy voice recorder which helps in providing all the recording of the surrounding and helps upload it to the app in the user account.

If in case the record doesn’t play online, you can always download it and play it whenever you want. Those recordings can be downloaded on the phone and can be kept for future use.

The best thing about this spyware is that it is user friendly, and the installation process is much easier.

How to use this spyware

To use this, all you need to do is visit the official website of the app; from there, you can install the tool in your device or phone.

After the completion of the installation, login to the app, and provide your ID and password. You can hide the app on the suspect’s device and start the spying process.

To activate this feature, you need to go to the control panel and listen to the surrounding noise of the target. You can also record those and save on your device for further use.

For example: if this app is installed on your child’s phone and they are at school, you will be able to make out the noises of the classrooms, school bells, and so on.

What are the features

  • SMS Spy – track any SMS that is sent/received from the suspect’s device
  • IM Tracker – Facebook messenger, WhatsApp.
  • Calls Tracker – all call log
  • Contacts Tracker – view the number of contacts on the suspects’ phone
  • GPS Tracker – to track the location of the suspect
  • Social Media Tracker – Any social media app.
  • Multimedia Files – any new videos, gallery, phone storage of multimedia


This spyware is easy and user friendly and the best to get the surrounding noises tracked.


Though hacking may seem unethical, sometimes, it becomes necessary in certain situations. Parents or law keepers might be needing them for various purposes. When it is a reliable software like Ambient Voice Recording, you can expect the best.