The Best 7 Open Source Employee Monitoring Software

Monitoring and tracking become very essential in these days. All businessmen want that their business become topmost position. And most of the businessman uses the monitoring software of tracking their employee’s activity. They monitor their employees because they know the growth of the business is depends on the employee’s activity and performance. Today most of the employees are sharing secret company data for money with the competitor. If you are a businessman then you have to keep your eyes on your employees because you can’t trust on all. You can easily track their activity without getting trouble. If you want to track your employees but don’t know the way then read this article.

The Best 7 Open Source Employee Monitoring Software
The Best 7 Open Source Employee Monitoring Software

In this article, you will read the best 7 open sources that monitor software employees. And the all software helps you to track your employee’s activity. So read further and know about all the software.



This is the best software for monitoring employees. It offers more than 25 features that provide you all the information. You can easily use it and you don’t need to take so much trouble to sue it. To use SpyRen app you just have to click some buttons. This app is undetectable by any other hack software. So your target user never knows about it. If you think, to start this app you have to take so much time then read this article further.

First, click on this link and download and then install it on your target device. Now create an account by using your email i8d and password and then log in to the account. Next, you have to fill some information related to your target users to complete the registration process. If you want that your employees will never know about this app then you can hide this app. Go to the setting and start the hidden mode then the target user will never see the app icon or login option. Next, log in the same account on your phone and then do some settings on the control panel. Here you can see all the details of your employee’s phone. Through this app, you can easily analyze the employee’s performance and growth. The SpyRen offer many features here you will read some features.

Features of SpyRen

Messages spy– through this feature you can read all the messages of your employees. You can easily see with whom they are sharing your information.

Call spy with the help of this feature you will be able to listen to all call recording. You can view all incoming, outgoing and missed calls with call duration, time, date, contact number, etc

GPS tracker if you want to track the location of your employees then this feature helps you. This feature records all live and past location with the exact time and sends you on your phone.

You can see other information as well as social media access, internet history access, app spy, and many more.


This is the topmost open sources monitor employees software which allows you to track employees’ activity. This is cloud-based accessing tools so you can easily track your employees in working hours. And, see their work performance and growth of the project. You can easily use it and get it free on any app store. When your employees do any other activity then it sends you alert. If you want to hack more than 3 computers at the same time then you have to buy subscriptions.


This is other monitor software which you can easily get from the internet. This software offers you the best features like productivity analysis, identifying employees traitorous, site tracker, alert, keylogger, etc. These features provide you all details that your employees share with others. When your employees do other activities not related to work then it notifies you. Through this app, you can easily monitor the behavior of employees. It is a little bit difficult to use so you have to learn its working first that you have to get on the internet.


It is cloud-based monitor software that works on all devices. To use it you have to get premium. It offers a premium at affordable prices. You can buy this app from any app store or its website. It offers many features and sends you all the details of your employee’s details. This software is less reliable than others but this can easily provide you details.


This is also the best software of open source monitoring employee’s software. This app sends you app details as well as email details of your employees. It provides you all features that provide you file-sharing information and all data. If you want to block any sites or app then you can easily do that. You have to just download it and install it. You can find it from any reliable app store.


This is other software of tracking; you can easily access the employee’s computer. It basically designed for tracking employee activity. This tool has screenshot features that take screenshots of your employee’s computer and send you. It is also managed the all apps that have on the computer. This app cant uses to track suspicious behavior and have many few features.

Veriato 360

This is the last tool of this article that used to manage employees’ activity. It is really popular software on the market and has many features. This has a security feature that helps to protect your business data. It is easy to use and you don’t need to take so much trouble. You will find it on the internet without trouble. And it provides high security and not other app detect it. You can access many computers at the same time easily.


This was the article all about open sources employees monitor app. I know now you confused about which software is best. So you can select the SpyRen app because it provides you best customer and technical support and easy to use. This app offers you best feature that help you to provide other than work performance details like password, internet history, social media access, and many more.



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