Free GPS Tracker

Free GPS Tracker: How To Track On Cell Phone Location Using The SpyRen App

The advancements in mobile technology are like a double-edged sword. On one hand, it has brought the world on our fingertips, but on the other hand, it has made us vulnerable to a host of other problems. It has helped a dishonest partner keep in touch and carry on with his affairs. It has endangered the lives of young children and teenagers by exposing them to adverse influences of the world wide web. It has also helped employees misuse the luxury of remote working and lie to their employers.

However, all is not lost. It is still possible to get around these problems. Wondering how? Well, the answer is simple- Install a spy app with a GPS tracker on the target’s phone. You can use the app to gather proof or ensure the safety of your loved one.

Although many spy apps are available online, choosing SpyRen app has proven to the best option. Not only is it free, but it has several useful features too. Not convinced enough? Here are a few scenarios which will highlight the benefits of using SpyRen app with a free GPS tracker:

  • Parents are worried about your children lying to you by claiming to be at a sleepover when they are in the company of people you do not know? If yes, you can put your worries to rest with the help of this spy app. The GPS feature of the app will tell you where exactly your child is. If you feel he/she is in danger, you can swoop in and come to their rescue.
  • Are you worried about your spouse acting weird lately or fed up with his late night and early morning meetings? Then put all your doubts to rest by using the SpyRen app. The GPS tracker will give you the exact location of the places where those “meetings” are happening.
  • Are you an employer who is suspicious about the whereabouts of an employee? Is he meeting your business rivals by excusing himself in the name of field visits? Get the proof you need to confront the employee by using the GPS tracker feature of the SpyRen app and nailing the lies about their location.
  • The GPS tracker can also help you locate your phone in case you accidentally misplace it or lose it.


How To Track Cell Phone Location

Tracking the cell phone location of a target using the free GPS tracker of the SpyRen app is as easy as the 1,2,3. Follow the simple steps and take advantage of the numerous benefits of the app.

Step 1

Visit the official website and click on the download link. After the app is downloaded on your phone, click on install. This will take a couple of minutes. Make sure to disable the security option and enable unknown sources. Also, remove the app’s icon from the homescreen and hide it in another place.

Step 2

Create an account by furnishing details such as name, age, login ID, and password. The information provided by you will be kept safe and confidential. However, as a precaution, do not use your primary email ID’s password as the password for this account.

Step 3

Repeat the process of downloading and installing the app on the target’s phone. Sign in using your login details. Also, remove the app’s icon from the home screen and hide it in another place.

Step 4

Take your phone and log in to your account. Then head to the control panel. All the data that has been tracked from the target phone will be available here. If you are not sure how to proceed, you can practice using the live demo option available on the website.

Do not forget your username and password, as you can access your account only by providing the correct details.

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What can you do with the free GPS tracker

Spying on someone becomes easier with the GPS tracker. It helps you track the location of your suspect in real-time. The information is sent to your account, and you can check it from anywhere, anytime, By using the GPS tracker, you can do the following:

  • Identify the current location of the target on a map
  • Check the time and date the suspect visited a location
  • Record and view their travel history
  • Get notified in real-time if the target changes his location


The GPS tracker is one of the most useful features of the free SpyRen app. However, you can use the app for many getting more information about your target, such as:

  • Who they call, and who calls them?
  • What are their conversations about?
  • What do they post on their social media profiles?
  • What pictures and videos do they have on their phone?
  • What messages do they exchange?

The SpyRen app works well with Android and iOS devices. Also, it is undetectable- giving you the ultimate power spying without the fear of ever getting caught.