Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone

Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone
Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone

Best Free SMS tracker without touching target phone

Do you wish to learn ways to track SMS messages of someone’s phone without physically touching it? Here we will guide you on how to do it! To track the mobile it is important that you have downloaded and installed the spy app on your phone. The is the first step to start spying on someone’s phone.

Best Free SMS tracker without touching target phone
Best Free SMS tracker without touching target phone

So, which spy app will you download and install in your phone? If you will see in the play store thousands of spy apps will come up when you search.

SpyRen – Best Free SMS Tracker App

SpyRen - Best Free SMS Tracker App
SpyRen – Best Free SMS Tracker App

SpyRen however, one in thousands of spy tool which offer you best spy experience. It is a free spying app which works smoothly on different devices and lets you monitor the target phone. Since the app is free hence, you can use it for as long as you want. Once, you have downloaded it then to track target phone it is important that you make a user account. The user can make an account by logging in and then they can access this account to collect target phone details anytime and from anywhere.

Fill the details of the target phone carefully then only you will be able to track it. Also, you are required to be connected to the internet for using its features. Clicking on SMS tracking feature you can track the SMS of the target phone and you will be able to see-

  • Whole SMS chats
  • date and time stamps
  • Name and number of the sender
  • Archived and deleted chats
  • Folder messages/ Important messages

The reason why you may feel the need for spying SMS are as follows-

  • To see chats– some use SMS tracker to simply spy on chats of people. This can be a good tool which will clear all your doubts and make you aware of other person and the topic he/she loves to talk.
  • To see important SMS- Some important SMS of your spouse phone like bank SMS, etc can be the reason why you might to track the target person’s phone.
  • To see who is sending SMS– if you simply ask your kid who is sending you SMS at 00:00 a.m. They might not answer you correctly but using this spy tool you need not answer anyone just, track the name and number of SMS sender.

Features of Spyren App

So, we hope you understand the need for tracking SMS now we will see features of SpyRen.

  • GPS tracker– SpyRen allows tracking of a phone using GPS tracker feature. This feature lets you see the location of a person’s device on the map and see the name of the place. Time and date of the person at present and past location will also be displayed on a map.
  • Spy calls– Spying on calls using SpyRen will be useful as then you can record calls of the target phone. You can hear to the conversation of target person with other person and also you can record other details like name, and duration of the call.
  • Browser history spy- To see the browsed content of target device using this feature is best. It allows you to see the full history of the browser and allows you to even block sites. This feature is best when parents want to block some content of the web so that kids won’t see it.
  • Social sites spyFacebook, Snapchat and Instagram are social networking sites which every person use. To see the activity of the target person on these social sites you can use SpyRen. This will help you to see whole chats, password, etc of their account.
  • Photos/videos Spy– A user can see the photos/ videos saved or hidden on target phone using SpyRen. This app allows you to even see deleted messages. The user can save the images and videos on their phone.

All these features of SpyRen are free and If you wish to use its features to spy on SMS messages of the target person then download this app now from the link mentioned here- A user can spy on any device whether it is Android, iPhone, etc. It can be used to mainly spy on kids, spouse, and workers. This is the best monitoring app using it you can protect your kids from strangers, keep eye on your spouse and workers and do many more things.


This spy app will change your life and make it easier by solving all the doubts and mysteries of your life. So, don’t just read the article, go and try it now!



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