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Spy Call App: How to Spy Phone Calls

Do you want to know with whom your child or your spouse is talking for long hours? Try the phone spy software to know all about the long conversations your child or spouse is making on his/her phone.

Spy Call App: How to Spy Phone Calls
Spy Call App: How to Spy Phone Calls

Spying phone calls has never been easier with all the spy apps that are available in the market. You do not have to hang around when your child or spouse is busy conversing with the other person, nor will you have to check the phone log to find put whom they called. Download the free phone spy app that are available both on Android and iPhone to know all the details about the phone conversations on the target phone.

You will get 5 or 10 mins when the target person is not around his/her phone, cease this opportunity to install the phone spy app on the phone. Then you can listen to all the conversations your child or spouse is making from your phone or computer. Here we will teach you in detail how you can install and operate this user-friendly software.

Identify a Phone Spy Software

The market is flooded with many options you can choose from. Choose one that has a good review and is compatible with the target phone. You could select free software if you do not want to spend much on this snooping activity. We assure you that free mobile spy apps such as SpyRen Free Spy work just the same way as the paid ones.

Create an account for yourself with a valid E-mail ID

Your login details of the spy account will be shared through an E-mail message. Keep this Email ID active as all communication even password reset will happen through this account.

Install the App in the target phone

Take some time out to install the app on your spouse or child’s phone without his/her knowledge. Make sure you make the changes to the security settings on the phone as you will need the admin rights to install and run the software. You will have to activate the “Enable Unknown sources” option. The code sent to your E-mail ID will be required to activate the app. Enter the code to start the snooping activity. Hide the app after the download is done and delete all browse or download history.


Access the Phone Spy Portal

Use your login credentials to access your account on any web browser. It can be done using your phone or any internet-enabled device. All the snooped data is now available on the dashboard. You can check the phone call section to get the details of all the call data on the target phone. Enable live recording of phone calls to be able to hear the conversation on a real-time basis.

Much more than call data

You can access a host of other things that are transferred through the target phone for better snooping like text messages, multimedia files, and live location tracking as well.


Now you can easily track or monitor your child or spouse’s phone activity with the help of the SpyRen Spy App.