10+ Free Mobile Spy Features

SpyRen Features: 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features

Are you looking for the best mobile spy application that works for free? Are you having your doubts and questions about free mobile spy applications? This article will help you do away your doubts.

SpyRen Features: 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features
SpyRen Features: 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features

Smart Phones have become a basic necessity as our dependence on the internet, and technology has increased drastically. It also becomes an inevitable part of our kids’ lives so much so that their learning and playing time is all spent on these devices. So how do we keep them safe from the dark side of the internet and smartphones? This is where we need the help of spy software.

Picking a mobile spy app is no easy task; there are as many apps out there in the market that might leave you confused as to which one to choose. Especially when it comes to free apps, buyers are always skeptical as to the authenticity and usefulness of the app. Here are some of the features you need to look for when going in for a free phone spy app – SpyRen Free Spying App. You will be surprised to see that the best free mobile spy applications offer you more or less the same features as the premium or paid apps.

10+ Features of Free Mobile Spy Software

Tracking the target’s live location

The track GPS option allows you to track the whereabouts of the target person on the map. You can quickly know where your child is if he/she has gone out with friends, the location tracking feature on your app will give you details of the exact location. This feature is also helpful for employers to track where the employees are or if they are lying about traffic congestion as a reason to come late to the office. Track where your spouse is going when he is not with you on holidays and weekends.

Spy on the text exchanges on the target phone

Once you have installed the spy app on the target phone, you can track all the messages that are sent and received. It will also show the sender’s or recipient’s number. You should be able to view the messages from the control panel once you log into your account on the spy portal. The best part is that you should be able to see the messages even it was deleted on the target device.

Tracking the call history

Another prominent feature of the free spy app is its ability to spy on all the calls that are received or placed on the target device. You will get all the details, such as several calls made, duration of the call, the contact numbers, and the time of the call. The phone spy feature will also allow you to record the calls made or received on the target phone. This will help you to monitor your child’s conversation over the phone and know who all are in contact with your child. You could also block numbers from which there have been spam calls or unwanted sales calls.

Tracking Browser History

This feature allows you to monitor the internet usage of the target person on his/her smartphone. You should be able to get a detailed list of all the websites your child has visited, the downloads made, the searches made on the browser, and more. Even if the person were to browse with his privacy settings, you would still get the details of all the websites visited.

Track the media files

When we are talking about spy software for a smartphone, it is not limited to only spying calls and texts instead it is a complete surveillance system that will give you access to all the photos, video, audio messages that are stored and exchanged on the phone. You could also download the required files from the control panel.

Access to the address book

This feature is relatively new and is available on all the leading free mobile spy software. You will get all the details of the contacts that the target person has saved on his phone. The address book tracking feature will give you the name, title, numbers, E-mail address, and date of all the contacts in the target phone. You will also get to know any new additions that are made to the address book.

Key logger functionality

The user will also get the information on the keystrokes made on the target phone. This way, it is easy to crack passwords of the target person.

Spy on Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are an open book as it contains all the information of the person, his social circles, friends, interests, and other online activities. You may be on the friend list of your kids on Facebook or other social media accounts, but it is not always possible to get to know all their activities on this platform. The free phone spy software will give you a detailed look into all the social media accounts of your child or spouse.

WhatsApp Tracking

You can also track all the information that is exchanged on the WhatsApp account of your spouse or child. Today most of us use this as a universal messaging platform than the standard SMS exchanges that were used earlier. This mobile spy apps will allow you to spy on the data that is being exchanged on this popular messaging app.

App is hidden and untraceable

If you manage to install the app in the target phone after disabling the security features, the target person will never get to know about the installation or spying activity that is going on in his/her phone. It works in a stealth mode and also will not drain the battery of the target phone even while giving you timely updates.

Remote Control Feature

This is the most useful feature of the mobile spy software. If at all the target device is lost or stolen, you will quickly get to know where the phone is. You can also protect the phone from unscrupulous use by locking the phone remotely.


We hope this article will help you install the right spy software after considering all the above points we have discussed.