5 Ways to track WhatsApp (chats & location)

5 Ways to track WhatsApp (chats & location)
5 Ways to track WhatsApp (chats & location)

Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software lists in detail

WhatsApp is the application that is currently used by millions of people from all around the world for the purpose of communicating with the people. If you are unable to call your loved one, friends, relatives, family not an issue you can easily connect with them via WhatsApp. It is an amazing application with the help of which one can easily message as well as call without spending a single penny.

About WhatsApp: https://www.whatsapp.com

To reach out people one has to invest a lot of money on traveling expenses or on other words call rates are also very expensive these days. Thus the most efficient way possible these days is to interact with WhatsApp just by connecting your operating device with the internet or wifi connection. The best part is that WhatsApp is an application which can be accessed by the number of devices such as mobile phones, laptop, tablets, computers, and many more. Thus using the WhatsApp for any of the personal communication agenda is a great option in this world where people are really busy and do not have much to meet and call each other daily.

Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software lists in detail
Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software lists in detail

But with the increase in usages of WhatsApp, the other things which are also raising day by day and that is WhatsApp tracking and spying. Yes, you read it right there are many people who are currently searching the ways to hack and track WhatsApp account of others. On the other hand, the reason for spying may differ from person to person but the procedure commonly searched by them is the same.

Why need track WhatsApp

Thus to help you out we have created this article where you will get all the knowledge related to the spying tools which can assist you in the process of tracking the WhatsApp record of the person’s phones you are willing to hack.

But first, let us know the reasons for which generally people love to hack the WhatsApp of others and who the people are which commonly hacks-


These days’ parents are really active on social media sites and one of the apps which are highly used by them is WhatsApp. On the other hand, some parents who notice that their child is getting too much involve in such applications and chatting with someone’s all day long they worry about them severely. They want to protect their child from many harmful activities that are occurring on such apps, thus they sue spy apps to keep an eye on their kids.


Employers are also tracking their employees WhatsApp account because they want to check the loyalty of their workers. And they do not want to see that their disloyal employees leak the confidential information to their competitive business organization.


The lovers these days are constantly worried about their partner; they do not trust them and want to keep a check on them. Thus, the best way possible to know what is wrong with their better half is to track the WhatsApp account of them.

Here are top 5 WhatsApp tracking Apps

So, if you are also one of them who wants to know the WhatsApp details of your lover, employees, kids, etc. Read the article fully till the end and know the best 5 software which you can download to track WhatsApp activities of the targeted person.



The application which is best known for WhatsApp spy is known as SpyRen which is currently used by a lot of people from all around the globe. It is multipurpose applications via which you can not only spy on the WhatsApp account of the targeted devices, but it can also do the following-

  • SMS spy
  • Call Spy
  • Call recording
  • GPS tracking
  • Ambient voice recording

Keylogger features are also many popular features of this application with the help of which you can know the typed details of the phone

  • Social media monitoring
  • It is a very reliable as well as the trustable application that you can be used for spying on others on free. With its WhatsApp features, you can view-
  • Message sent and received
  • Content of the message
  • Call and video call detail
  • Files exchanged in the message- audio, video, images, GIFs, animations, etc
  • Date and time of the message sent and received
  • Deleted messages
  • The older message, etc

Thus download this amazing multipurpose application today via its official link – https://spyren.com/install-spyren-phone-spy/.



This wonderful application is the second number in our listing because it is really great and offers some of the really great WhatsApp spying features such as-

Track the WhatsApp data on a real-time basis means you can see the exact same message with its time without any delay. Also, other details like date and times of the message will also be notified to you once you hack the app with this application- FreePhoneSpy.



This application is relatively cheaper to download when compared to other spy application thus many of the people love to use this wonderful application. The features offered by the application are best to try at least once for your WhatsApp data spying. This application can be downloaded on both Android as well as iPhone too without creating any issues. Plus, the best part is that you will not need to do jailbreaking or rooting to run the app.


This is another application that is popular for its WhatsApp spy features and other features such s call spy, SMS spy, GPS location tracking, etc. With the help of this application, you can know the activities happening on the WhatsApp accounts of others just opening its control panel. In addition to this, the application is easy to access and download on the variant operating devices.


Want to spy on the WhatsApp accounts of others without getting caught in any case? Then download this application on your android and iPhone in free first. It constantly gives notification on your operating device via which you are running the app for the purpose of WhatsApp spying. Also, all the videos or audios will be seen by you as well which is sent and received by the targeted WhatsApp account holder.


Thus download the favorite WhatsApp spying application according to your preference today.



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